Black, White and Gold; Reflections on South Africa's political economy
Author: Francis Wilson

This compilation of essays was written over a period of 60 years and spans
more than a century of South African history from the conquest of land and the
discovery of diamonds and gold, to the threats of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The book focuses on the political economy of apartheid, its transformation at the
end of the 20th century and the difficult early decades of the early 21st century.
Francis Wilson asserts that the realities of poverty, unemployment and inequality,
which loomed large before, during and after legalised apartheid, are connecting
threads throughout this historical epoch.



So far, So Close; personal experiences of Sweden’s support 
for South Africa’s liberation
Compiled by: Lindiwe Mabuza

During the long struggle for the liberation of South Africa, there were many individuals and countries who paid more than lip service to the struggle of the people of South Africa. One nation and its people that offered unconditional support but whose contribution is not widely known, is Sweden.


Scattered: A personal story of the 1976 generation.

Author: Khulu Mbatha

In this memoir, Khulu Mbatha weaves the stories of friends he grew up and comrades he was in exile with into his personal narrative as a student youth leader who left the country at the time of the June 1976 uprising.
Scattered across the globe as if fragmented by a powerful explosion, Mbatha and the 1976 generation he writes about, adopted new cultures and identities depending on the circumstances they found themselves in. With searing honesty, Mbatha describes the intense vulnerability of youth who left the country in 1976.